In 2012:

93 Percent
of Opportunity loans were made to women

$178 = Average first Trust Group Loan

An Entrepreneur
with Opportunities

"Our mother is the first woman who planted a field like this in our village!" say Betty’s proud children, who have watched her farm grow. With her husband unable to work due to an injury, Betty must support her three children—Becky, Travor and Davis. She is determined to keep her farm profitable, feed her family and ensure her children’s future success. She feels secure thanks to services like credit-life insurance because she knows that if something happens to her, her family will not be burdened with debt.

Betty beams as she describes how Opportunity Uganda has improved her standing in the community. She says people in the village admire her accomplishments. "My neighbors come up to me and ask, ‘How did you manage to do this?’ I tell them all of it was possible because of the bank," Betty says. She dreams of expanding her farm and her home and diversifying her crops.

Opportunity believes in inclusiveness—in the power of women like Betty to create sustainable change for their families and their communities. When women have an income, children are healthier and better educated. To foster more entrepreneurs, Opportunity facilitates Trust Groups, close-knit circles of men and women who elect leaders and receive financial training. Trust Groups have a multiplier effect: members support each other, believe in themselves and create thriving, lasting businesses.