In 2012, Opportunity:

Deployed hundreds of new client service points to reach rural communities around
the globe, including
365 access points at our African banks.

Launched a mobile money plan based on input from 50,000 clients currently using cell-phone banking.

by Technology

Betty is excited about using technology to make her farm more efficient and profitable. Opportunity was able to use GPS mapping to determine the size of her land, which allows her to use the right amount of seed and fertilizer. “I’m interacting with people and accessing services that had never been open to me before,” she says.

And with new tools like cell-phone banking, she will be able to deposit more frequently into her savings account. These tools help her plan her next steps. “My dream is to see our community transformed by agriculture,” Betty says. She would like to see more of her neighbors joining in, cultivating sugarcane and other crops for commercial purposes.

Opportunity invests in technology to give more people—including those in the most remote places—access to financial services. Our economical, secure solutions for delivering loans, deposit services, transfers, remittances, payroll systems and emergency cash transfers help us reach more individuals at lower costs.