At the end of 2012:

Opportunity had 17,000 global employees, 9,400 of whom are loan officers

A Transformative Partnership

When Betty received her first loan from Opportunity, she says it “put her on the world map.” She learned how to invest her money, access credit and plan for the future. The most important person she met was Nicholas Katenta, her loan officer.

Nicholas joined Opportunity Uganda to help support people like Betty as they build their farms and businesses. He gets to know his clients and cares about their crops and their families. “It makes me proud working for a vision-focused bank,” Nicholas says. “The bank has helped me develop my career and my life in general.”

Opportunity identifies and cultivates leaders with targeted learning opportunities and training events. Our staff is local—99 percent are national—and our institutions are community banks permanently embedded in areas where our clients live and work. This local connection means staff become much more than financial advisors to Opportunity clients. They are mentors and friends.