In 2012, Opportunity disbursed 60,000 agriculture loans — a 287 percent increase in one year

Sugarcane Farmer

Betty lives in Uganda and has always been a farmer, but when a sugarcane factory opened in her village in 2012, things started to change for her family. She began growing four acres of sugarcane and joined the local growers’ association. Soon after, she connected with Opportunity Uganda and received a loan to expand her plot and better support her existing land. “This loan is a blessing, and it has given me what I needed to grow,” she says. “My life has changed because of my farm. I am not the same person I used to be.”

Opportunity supports smallholder famers like Betty with agricultural finance tools and training to equip them to move from subsistence to commercial farming. Helping farmers increase their yields and productivity and raise household incomes is crucial to ending hunger and malnutrition in rural areas. We provide financial services specifically tailored to the needs of farm families, working with partners throughout the value chain.