At the end of 2012, Opportunity had:

634 School Improvement Loans, valued at $4 million

6,500 School Fee Loans, valued at $1.6 million

A Dream
for Her Family

As a girl, Betty wasn’t able to complete her education. Today, she is working hard so her three high school-aged kids will have the chance to attend a university. Becky dreams of studying mass communications. Travor wants to be a lawyer. And Davis aspires to a career in journalism. Betty believes that Opportunity International’s support of her growing business will help her children achieve their goals.

“I have big dreams for my family and my community,” Betty says. “Sending my children to school is my greatest wish.”

Becky cheerfully echoes her mother: “When you study, you will get good jobs. You can see the future as a good thing.”

Education empowers people like Betty and her children to transform their lives. Through financial products and services, Opportunity makes it possible for young people in poor communities to attend and stay in school and often advance to vocational schools and universities. We help school owners improve and expand schools, and we provide loans for parents to pay school fees. Our model fuels results: school owners borrowing from Opportunity achieve 25 percent enrollment growth and 63 percent more income, and employ 36 percent more teachers.